Window Illustration

Window Illustration is an effective way of making the most of your commercial space to captivate the general public and connect with potential customers. All my work is hand painted using water based paint and designed so that the display is unique to you and your brand. Window Illustration is a sustainable way of creating seasonal displays with no waste and easy removal. I work with all my customers to discuss design, colours and inspiration to help design something that will make you and your customers smile.

 How long do the window illustrations last?
If they are well looked after the window art and illustrations are long term. Although they are painted with water based paints, as long as they are not touched or scratched they will stay in great condition. I’d keep chairs away and avoid customers leaning near the window to avoid any damage. 

How do I remove the design?
Before all my designs, I ask if the window be cleaned on both sides to avoid working on any dirt or grease as once the design is on the window, it cannot be wiped on the side it has been drawn. If you are changing your window design seasonally the design can easily be removed with window and glass spray or peeled off with a window paint scraper. This is not a permanent design.
Let's chat windows, art, colour and inspiration - use my contact form and we can begin the design process to elevate your window space into something magical.