Modern Calligraphy

General Calligraphy Services

I have four years experience practising modern calligraphy and take pride in the smallest details making a big impact. My calligraphy and lettering can be adapted to suit your style with a variety of calligraphy ink, pens and paints. I am also open to work on a variety of materials. My services are open to all to help create unique pieces for life’s special moments and milestones. Whether you are looking for a handwritten card, a special gift like nothing else or something sentimental for that special someone, I'd love to help. Previous work has included wedding vows, handwritten letters and poems, handwritten greeting cards, envelope addressing, condolence books, handwritten prints for the home, scrapbooks and guestbooks. 

Let’s chat - use my contact form to discuss your ideas or project.

Calligraphy for Commercial & Corporate Events 

My calligraphy can help bring memorable experiences for your client or customer whether that’s live calligraphy or with a collaboration. The luxury of handwritten pieces
can be the smallest of detail that helps you differ from the rest and create a lasting impression. My experience means I can adapt my style to fit with your brand identity and source requested colours.

The same as any special event, every little detail counts. Whether you're hosting a product launch or press event, modern calligraphy and hand lettering can take your event to that extra mile. From handwritten menus, gift tags, handwritten cards, name placements or an in house calligraphy service - I can add a special service to boost your PR event or in-store gifting experience. 

I am available across London and the South East. I’d love to collaborate with you, be part of your project and bring creativity to your brand. If you're an events or brand manager or a PR agency, please use my contact form to find out how I can bring my professional friendly service to you.

Modern Calligraphy Services in London and South East