Boards By Jess in Deal Kent

Hey I'm Jess, a lover of art, interior, food and all things colour. 

Based in Deal, Kent - 'Boards By Jess' is a creative studio specialising in Calligraphy, hand-painted Signs and Illustration. 

Since 2018 I've been working with local businesses and couples to elevate events and spaces with my hand-painted artwork. 

I pride myself in creating signs, murals and stationery that is unique, high-quality and connects with people and their stories. 

I've built up some beautiful relationships through 'Boards By Jess' and proud to say I've created pieces for over 200 weddings and more than 80 businesses in and around the South East. 

Boards By Jess started as a small hobby and portfolio during the summer of 2018 to help me get back into being creative again whilst finding my feet post-university. Naming my Instagram ‘Boards by Jess’ because I was practising lettering and illustration on chalkboards in my bedroom. Meanwhile chalkboard design had become part of my role on the wedding team at my previous employer, The Blue Pigeons - a lovely wedding venue in a small village called Worth near Deal.

I went on to freelance in TV as a Researcher and now have worked with companies including BBC Southeast and ITV Daytime. Now between being creative and working for myself, I continue to work at ITV Daytime commuting between Deal and London. 

Self taught, my business continues to grow and develop constantly bursting with new and inventive creative ideas. Working with different materials and papers, I go between using traditional paint pens (Posca or Molotow are my favourite) and my Nikko G Nib and Pen holder with some of my favourite inks including the Finetec range and Higgins Black Eternal Ink. 

As well as on my site, you can discover pictures of my most recent and hand written work on my Instagram @boardsbyjess and Facebook Page, Boards By Jess

Thankyou for following my passion and helping support my small but growing business!

Jess x