Working with Businesses and Brands

Jessica drawing on window doing window illustration

I have worked with a whole host of brands and businesses across the South East to help bring something unique that will get their customers talking. The luxury of handwritten calligraphy and lettering can be the smallest of detail that helps you differ from the rest and create a lasting impression for your clients and customers.

Chalkboard and Window Design

My handwritten calligraphy and lettering work helps brands make use of their own commercial space with their own personal touches to help make them stand out from others. From signage and chalkboard design to window display illustration I have a variety of skills that lend themselves to bespoke design incorporating your ideas and inspiration. My services are here to help with more permanant designs, seasonal artwork and as a way to boost your marketing, branding and promotions. 

Press and Publicity Events 

The same as any special event, every little detail counts. Whether you're hosting a product launch or press event, modern calligraphy and hand lettering to can take your event to that extra mile. Enchant your guests and clients with the luxury of hand written goods. From hand written menus, name placements or an in house calligraphy service, please contact me how can offer a friendly service and how I can help. 


Boost your brand with the charm of bespoke hand lettering and modern calligraphy. Are you looking for character within your brand that you cannot create digitally? The imperfections on hand lettering makes it unique and special. I'd love to collaborate with you, be part of your project and creativity to you and your business.


Interested in knowing more? Use my contact form to enquire further.  I'd love to help you create something unique.